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We at /r/frozen have thought of making a thank-you book to Disney for all they've done, especially for their recent movie Frozen. Frozen had touched us in our lives in various ways, and now is the time for you to shout it out to the world. Ever wanted to thank Disney for making your life exciting? Now, you can!

Your stories and notes will be included in a set of unique, custom-printed books being made by the Frozen fan community to send to Walt Disney Animation Studios, the five main voice actors, and the Lopez family on November 19, 2014, the one-year anniversary of the film’s release. This book is a giant love letter from the fans to the creative team that made Frozen possible.

Submission guidelines:

  • Either leave a comment below or send me a note.
  • The deadline is June 2nd, 2014, but I think it will be extended. June 30, 2014.
  • Recommended length is anywhere from a few sentences up to around 250 words. The maximum length is now removed.
  • It’s best, but not required, to include your name and location (state/country) at the end so the recipients get a sense of how many real lives they’ve touched.
  • In addition to your entry for the main book, you may write a note intended for a specific actor or the Lopezes by addressing them by name at the beginning. Again, leave a comment here or send me a note.
All submissions will be posted on /r/TheFrozenEffect. Due to limited space in the books, only the top 200 voted stories/notes will be included, but the rest will be kept online and there will be a link in the book pointing to the site. We haven’t reached the cap yet, so the sooner you submit, the more likely you are to be included!

If you have any questions or want to get involved, feel free to ask me, and please spread the word! Link back to this journal in your journal, or tell it to your friends. :)

My name is /u/sue_sakamoto on Reddit, just so you know.

EDIT: Submissions are now extended to June 30, 2014. Yay! :)
EDIT 2: Word limit is now gone.
EDIT 3: You can donate as well to help with the cause. La la la la 

EDIT 4: It's closed! Thank you all for your support!

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Dynasty-Dawn Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Student Writer
I wrote an article about how much I love Frozen, and it was published by my university's student magazine. Can I submit that article?
disneynumber1fan Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Is this directed to the entire Disney Studio, or just those involved in the making of Frozen? Just so I know whether to write about how Disney has changed my life or how Frozen has changed my life! Thank you :)
DeathNyan Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
This book is dedicated to Disney, but it's more on the people who made Frozen. So you can write about how Frozen has changed your life.
disneynumber1fan Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
OK, thank you for the reply! I'll note you with my response by the end of day, probably :D
DeathNyan Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
I'll be here waiting! :)
maybelletea Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
Wait, you just published this journal but made the deadline June 2nd?? D: Or is this not a book to dedicate art to? Because there was a book like that being talked about for RotG.
DeathNyan Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
Don't worry. The deadline is now June 30. This is a book to be sent to Disney and the major cast of Frozen to thank them for the awesome movie they've done. :)

I'm not sure about putting fanarts in the book. We're still at the confessions and thanksgiving section.
Scintillant-H Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014   General Artist
I presume we're not allowed to be "honest" about the things that were wrong with Frozen that we would like to see corrected in the sequel and all following Disney movies.
In that case, I'm afraid I'm out ^^; I don't believe in sending a "love letter" to anyone or anything that did not do a perfect job. I critique, give credit where it's due and tell them what they did amazing, then tell them in blunt painful honesty what they got wrong.

It's only "painful" because they're supposed to be professionals, so they have no excuse for their failures except incompetence. Other companies have the excuse of finances limiting them, but not Disney.
In critiquing fan projects, I'm far nicer :) They're fans doing something that they aren't exactly "professionals" in and they should be handled with nurturing care. I try to sugar coat what I can for them so they can know what "wasn't quite right" but not feel like a failure. No need to crush their spirit. ;)

Professionals long-running in the business, however, should face absolute truth when they present a product with needless flaws. You should see how I "critique" today's comic books from Marvel and DC :lmao:

If you ever plan to send a "completely honest" letter to Disney or the staff who made Frozen or anything, let me know. :D
XxRellikxX Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow. Guess you've never sent a love letter than, since the "perfect job" does not exist and never will. Ever. I don't care what you like, I don't care what you think; whatever YOUR idea of the "perfect" film/book/show/song/comic/wtf ever is, I can tell you right now that it's not. I don't care what it is. Apocalypse Now? Not the perfect film. Les Miserables? Not the perfect book. Tristesse? Not the perfect song. With something as subjective as art, there will never be perfection, something that everyone on the planet, and for generations to come, will look at or listen to and say, "This is unequivocally, absolutely perfect and nothing else will ever match it." There's always some random variable, some stray element, SOMETHING that holds something back from being perfect.

And this whole thing about how professionals need to be held accountable for making mistakes? That they need to be perfect in order to get anything more than "credit where credit is due"? Yeah, absolute horseshit. Professionals are merely people skilled ENOUGH at doing something that others are willing to give them money in order to do it. Money is the only thing that separates projects done by 'fans' and 'professionals'. 

Is Frozen the perfect movie? Fuck no it's not. I saw it 12 times in the theatre and I can admit that it's not perfect. Does that mean that it's not worthy of praise? That those who worked on it, poured their hearts into it, slaved for months on end, working on the most minute of details like what kinds of fucking BOOTS Anna would be wearing in the snow are NOT allowed to know whether or not the work they did affected people? If that is truly your opinion, then your perceptions are horribly skewed. Frozen was a major factor in salvaging my friendship with my best friend, but I guess since the movie isn't "perfect" the people who made it don't DESERVE to be made privy to that information, now are they?

This is what's wrong with this new, emerging generation of people who fancy themselves 'critics'. This generation of young adults who marinade themselves in AVGN, Nostalgia Critic, Sequelitis and so on. This new age of amateur critiquing has just straight up poisoned the artistry; to leave it in favor of nitpicking, feeling as though it gives them a sense of superiority to be "smarter" than their entertainment. This emerging crowd that is the reason a YT channel like Cinema Sins has 2 million+ subscribers. Instead of allowing the small things that need to be let go in order to tell a satisfying story, you all seem to prefer a piece of media bloat itself with needless world building or expository scenes or dialogue that can explain every single little inquiry or problem you may have. 

I've now reached the point where I myself understand that I am taking this reply way too far. You may not even have read all the way to this point before you decided that you've had enough and have taken to letting loose your seething retaliation. So I will elect to end this here. If what I've written now has made you stop for even a SECOND to ponder, then I feel this needlessly long rant will have been worth it. If not, then that is most unfortunate. To the author, I say go on with your project of actually wanting to share and spread good feelings, warmth, and appreciation. To actually want to say to artists, "What you did mattered and was worth the time and effort you put into making it". We could use more folks like you.

P.S. Someone who uses a Family Guy quote as their signature maybe shouldn't talk about holding professionals accountable.
konggodamera Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
We all have a movie that we CONSIDER perfect. Perfect is objective, I will admit, and things can be flawed, but it's our willingness to accept these flaws that allow us to perceive something as perfect. For instance, I consider the 1954 Godzilla a perfect movie, blending great acting, skilled story telling, and an interesting tale about the dangers of nuclear testing into a wonderful film that I have always enjoyed. is it flawed? Yes! A good 80% of the science is bullshit. But guess what? For me, the movie is "...unequivocally, absolutely perfect and nothing else will ever match it."
And, please, leave out personal attacks such as: "Someone who uses a Family Guy quote as their signature maybe shouldn't talk about holding professionals accountable" it just comes across as nasty and harsh. It's like if I finish a debate about a movie by saying: "by the way, someone who uses Super 8 film strips shouldn't comment on cinematography."
Scintillant-H Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014   General Artist
Well, you're an angry little troll aren't you? :rofl:

I quote Family Guy in my sig AS A JOKE. I'm sorry that the concept of a joke is beyond your grasp, but that's your problem, not mine.

"Perfection" is when someone has a goal and they accomplish that goal. The word "perfect" by basic definition, as you say it, is non-existent, and I never use it in the way you describe. How about giving a stranger the benefit of the doubt before you act like a jerk to someone WHO YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW, mm'kay? :)

I never said the professional should be "perfect" in order to get praise, you're putting words in my mouth. I said I give credit where it's due, so that means IF THEY DESERVE IT. If someone does NOT deserve credit, why would you give it to them? If you mow your lawn, are you going to CREDIT your neighbor? Why? They didn't do it, you did. But that's just one example. I can't believe that you think the fact that they are "paid money" means that professionals should get MORE credit than they "deserve." You're... a little messed up.

"Money" does not make the professional. Knowing what they're doing and upholding a mature attitude makes them professionals. Nothing else. You can have your warped definitions, I'll stick to reality, thank you. ;) There's nothing wrong with holding professionals to higher standards than fanprojects. It's the only sensible thing to do.
(seeing as how little sense your comment makes at just about any point, I'm not surprised that makes no sense to you)

I never said Frozen is worthy of NO praise, you're putting words in my mouth AGAIN. Please stop doing that, it further establishes your jerk behavior. You failed to see anything "kind" in my initial comment and just because you are personally attached to Frozen, you decide to viciously attack someone in it's defense JUST for saying it's not up to par.
Your morals are seriously demented, nothing too personal by that, as I don't know you. But I don't need to know you to know that this behavior is NOT accpetable, especially if you're over the age of 14. Hell, even YOU know you went too far in this. You said so.

Fancy myself a critic? I "fancy" myself nothing, sweetheart. I'm sorry, but I was made this way, and I was in denial of it for a long time while trying to make sure it was true and not just my imagination. Not EVERY person who calls themselves a critic is a poser, you know.  Some of them really are made that way. We're analysts. We analyze. Some people are programmed to do that. You have no right to deny someone's natural functions just because you don't like what they have to say.
There's nothing "new" about this for me, thank you. I have no idea what "Cinema Sins" is. Any good critic sees when small things are needed for a story. In fact, EVERY story ever MADE has tons of little things that make it's quality. It NEEDS those little things. I would explain more, but you aren't interested in having a civil conversation, you're only interested in being a total jerk to someone as you defend to the death a fictional thing.

I pondered nothing about this except for your poor morals. And I didn't spend much time on that either, as you demonstrated VERY thoroughly what that all was in circles. You awakened me to nothing except reminding me of the fact "oh, right... some people think I'm not allowed to speak my mind in a calm civil manner without facing some yelling shouting BS-ego-filled rant, forgot about that."

Thanks for the reminder. :lmao: And thanks for the laughs, I can't tell you how I was just rolling through this all. So are my buddies, cuz they know me, and so know just how FAR off base you are about me, nevermind how you contradicted yourself at least twice, LMAO!

Oh right... I should maybe say that I really HAVE written a love letter before, to a couple of things that, no matter how hard I tried (and I strained, too) to find flaws in execution... there were NONE.
"Kids Next Door" (OMG I hate that show... HATE IT! But it's... perfect. I almost wish it wasn't)
"Hawkeye" (a currently running comic series--I only critiqued the first one as a stand-alone)
"Aliens Inhumane Conditions" (comic book by John Layman. 2013)
I can't tell you how hard I tried to shred Kids Next Door... but after watching every episode, there was nothing to shred. I hate the show, but it's damn good quality work. The KND movie wasn't, but alas... they had to lose their touch sometime I guess.

PS--to the author of this journal, I don't associate this person with you, don't worry. ;) I'm sure you're not so terrible as to shred a real someone in defense of a fictional thing. :hug:
XxRellikxX Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not defending Frozen. I stated very plainly that it is not perfect. What made me decide to argue against you, and be a big meany-jerkface apparently, is the fact that you decide you're going to voice to someone(who has obviously put a lot of time, thought, and effort into trying to accomplish something)how you're not going to support them. Going up to someone who's putting on a charity drive, only to inform them of how and why you will NOT be contributing to it in any way, and why charity drives shouldn't be done for causes you feel are undeserving would pretty much amount to the same thing. Why you would feel the need to vocalize how you will not be supporting them is extremely callous, inappropriate, and frankly unnecessary. 

If thinking of me as a "troll" aids you in not allowing my words to negatively affect you in some way, then by all means, do what you need to do. And for the record, yes, money DOES make a professional. Acting professional and actually BEING a professional are two completely different things. If you are skilled enough or competent enough at a certain skill or practice that people are willing to give you their hard-earned money for you to do it, then you are, on a technical level, a professional at that said skill or practice. Quentin Tarantino doesn't ACT like a professional, but no one is going to deny that he is a professional filmmaker. For someone who seems to detest having words put in their mouth, you sure seem to do your fair share, as I never stated being paid money means professionals deserve MORE praise. 

Regardless of the semantics, the fact that you believe that being a professional means that you score a 'FLAWLESS VICTORY' every time you do what it is you do is troubling, especially if you do have any ambitions of being a professional anything. And I really cannot fathom how you say that 'perfection is having a goal and accomplishing it'. By that definition, EVERYTHING should be perfect. The makers of Frozen accomplished their goal of making a movie that people would like, so how is it not perfect? I'm a bit interested now as to how your definition of perfection is 'having a goal and accomplishing it' and how you can apply that to something as subjective as art, as if you know the intentions of the artists. For all we know then, Birdemic is actually a masterpiece, because the filmmakers intended to make a shit film, and Amadeus is actually god-awful because Foreman also had the same goal in mind. Sharknado would also be perfect then, seeing as how it was made with the sole intent to be stupid and have people riff on it.
Scintillant-H Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014   General Artist
... did not defend Frozen...?
You got all nasty with me for, as you said (falsely), saying that Frozen deserves no credit at all. That's just ONE of the places in your rant where you very directly defended Frozen. You can't say you didn't do something that you just did, but I guess you can try, huh? :giggle:

I've said I'm not going to support them-? Dude, read the comments here, I've wished this person good luck in their project with this. But I shouldn't be shocked that you failed to see that, as you apparently don't believe in putting real effort into much besides catering to your own ego. Over and over again.

Dude, this project is not a charity drive, first of all. You're making far more of this just to attempt to say "I was right to treat you like shit, cuz you deserved it, cuz... charity."
Second, I was only stating my thoughts, and I did so in a very kindly manner in my initial comment. I see the internet as a place to talk to people, old and new to me (among other uses), and maybe find someone worth talking to who doesn't judge me instantly (and arrogantly) and has the maturity to accept that I won't share all their views just as I accept that they don't share mine. I don't hold it against them and I wish them well in their endeavors. That kind of person is certainly worth respecting and worth being a friend, if they're alright with it.
What the hell is wrong with that? Oh, right... nothing at all. You just choose to try and say it is so you can validate your "right" to mistreat anyone you please like shit.
You didn't focus on the precious "charity" in your previous message, and if it was important to you, you'd have brought it up as the center point. Instead you went on and on about Frozen and perfection and professionalism and your violent snap-judgements about me... not about this "charity" you now speak of as if it was all this was about. If it was all your first comment was about, you'd have tied it in with very point you made, mentioned it constantly, etc--but you didn't.
Obviously, you're lying through your teeth to save face.
Nice try (no, really, it was a good shot!) but I'm afraid I see through that and I proved it. LMAO

Oh, and I never, ever said charity drives shouldn't be done. I never even implied that. Again--putting words in my mouth, very very nasty words. Bad form, and makes you look even more scatterbrained the more you keep going with this utterly hilarious BS. :giggle: If I was against this *ahem* "charity", then why would I support them by wishing them well as I did yesterday?

Yes, yes... my comment was oh-so inappropriate and unnecessary... but YOURS wasn't, rofl.  (le sarcasm)

As I said, I was attempting to interact with someone on a human level in hopes of talking to someone who was good enough a person to accept me as I am just as I accept them for who they are. Besides, how do you know I'm not close friends with the person we're talking about and it was all an inside joke? :rofl: You know as of my first reply to you, but you didn't know before then, duh. XD Making your first comment inappropriate and unnecessary. Which, I point out again, even YOU admitted in said comment.

You said that giving them credit where it's due is not enough without perfection (or so you were falsely claiming I was saying) and that being professionals, which according to you means being paid money, means they deserve more than that. Since I was saying they deserve no more than what they're due (which is true of everyone concerning everything they ever do) and you disagreed on the oddball logic that you provided, you really were saying that "being paid money means professionals deserve more praise." I see that you did not intend that to be said, but you did end up saying it. I didn't put words in your mouth that you didn't put in already.
Sorry, though, if it makes you feel any better.

I also never said "flawless victory" anything, more words I didn't say. Again, you're taking the definition of "perfection" to levels that I didn't say. I never elaborated on the depth of my use of the word as that wasn't the point once you steered the conversation into such needlessly hostile territories.

And don't worry about me becoming professional anything, although I could draw circles around many "professional" artists should I so choose, I live in the depths of poverty and by the looks of things I'll be lucky to have a home at the end of this year.
Living year in and year out trying to get a job just enough to afford an inhaler for my asthma (but if I did get a job I'd help my mother pay for her heart meds because she needs them) praying I don't have another stroke before I hit 30, hoping to get hot water in our home someday and blah blah blah... it's an unbearable list of things that have no grounds on any of the subjects we tapped on, so I don't know why you brought up my hopes and/or ideals in what I wish to become or accomplish. Except to make an attack, and even though I am literally having one of my asthma attacks right this moment, I'm still laughing (well, on the inside... hard to laugh when you can't breath--don't worry, though, they're small attacks).
Trust me, I don't have to call you a troll just to avoid feeling anything negative from you, I felt nothing negative in the first place. Live my life and you'll see what's really worth feeling "negative" about. This is why I'm laughing through all of this. It's not just funny, when you live a harsh life you learn to laugh at things that are really quite trivial. Some person online acting like a jackass is NOTHING compared to real life problems. Same with the poor quality of a movie, I just critique things because, as I said, I'm an analyst. It's what we do.

And if it makes you feel any better, you're not a full-fledged troll. I do a lot of volunteer work for years in the field of abuse, which does include dealing with victims of trolls sometimes, and although you were definitely trolling, it doesn't seem to be as strongly a part of you as with some others. You're pretty good at trying to cover your tracks, too. ;) something that the common troll is a dipsh*t at even attempting.

You only further and further prove that you're not interested in a civil conversation in which you try to see the other person's side, so I don't know why you ask questions that give the guise of trying to probe my mind on the matters except to compensate for the apparent bruise on your ego. What you've been doing to me from the start is exactly what you're trying to say I'm so terrible for: nit picking and tearing things apart. :lmao: You go on and on about what's wrong with "today's generation of critics" but you're doing the same damn thing right now XDD.

I love how you avoided the issue of my mentioning the things that I gave "perfect" scores to just to try and keep railing on me. :lmao: Hell, at a point you're practically quoting me! You realized you were cornered, and so started saying the same things to me that I was saying to you, except I have foundation to do so and you don't... oh man, this is rich.

Since you really don't want to listen and I've spoken my peace already, I'd rather end this on a relevant something that really interests me.

You act like a jackass, but you have a better brain than the average jackass. Credit where it's due, man. Not laughing about that one, I mean it. I'll also give you credit for actually sounding rational this time. Before, even though your logic was not fully sound, you definitely did make it very apparent that you had flown off the handle.
Not completely, which is the interesting part. Most people who go off like you did only go that far because they lost it completely, but you held at least one shred of control. Not enough to make functional sense in all your points, but whether it was one shred or two, that was... impressive. I would say you're a naturally high-strung person, as only the naturals are able to accomplish that kind of feat.
And though you were quite the effective jackass/ jerk, it did take some balls to admit that you had gone too far. Another point to credit.
Sadly, you didn't have quite the same level of honesty in your last message (aww :( ) which was spent trying to turn the tables in futility. Even though I liked that you were more controlled in the last message, I did miss the fact that you had fewer guards up. Your first rant was annoying, but the passion behind it was cute, inappropriate as it was in logic and morals.

No, none of that was any attempt to "smartass bash" you. I really don't support your behavior, as I'm sure you don't support mine, so I say so, but I meant what I said: credit where it's due. None of the compliments I gave you were in any way hollow (but I'm sorry if they came off that way).

I don't figure you'll believe or like anything I say, and that's fine. :) Maybe it will occur to you someday and then you will feel the compliment, or if not at that time, perhaps in the afterlife (if it exists).

Annoying elements and laughter aside, it was definitely worth making that first comment just to meet you. No sarcasm. :)
Angel-Dust-Ryuuki Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Student General Artist
Punch Dumped Love   "And le whip snaps again"

Elsa Knows   "Seriously in both views you are right. But are never going to agree based on the fact that there is a vast gap between your values. As vast as the largest trench in the sea"

Ouch  "I can't believe I survived reading all that after I just work up."
Pellchinnn Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
"Perfection is achieved when there is nothing left to add and nothing left to remove."

"Perfection," by the very word of it, is a feeling/opinion/experience. If someone experienced the movie to be perfect, then it simply was perfect to that person. I am the kind of person who would call Frozen "the most perfect movie I've ever seen," and that's a personal opinion/experience of mine. :)
Scintillant-H Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014   General Artist
I'm sorry he ignored your comment. :hug:

There are a few different definitions of "perfect", he got one right, you got this one right, and I intended a different one. :giggle:

But you're right about your end of it. ;) Really, yours is the most important definition of them :D Yours is "individual sentimental perfection", that which is perfect on a sentimental level to the individual. I don't judge something based on that, as the only way I could is to be biased about it, but at the end it's the same thing "regardless of the flaws in this product, if it touches anyone in a positive way, then it wasn't a true waste" which is the best part of ANY product. With over 6 billion people in the world, a product, no matter how "perfect" or "flawed" in quality, is bound to appeal to SOME people and make them happy, if only for a time, depending.

Although I found tons of flaws in the movie as a quality product, I did greatly enjoy Frozen. Not enough to watch it 12 times in a row, but if my niece or someone else wanted to watch it, I wouldn't cringe and think "oh lord please no" :lmao: I'd be happy to see it once in a while. :) I'm glad it touched you so deeply. :hug:
Pellchinnn Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, thank you! I'm also glad that you yourself could find it worth watching. ^^ Though personally, by now, I know of no real flaws in the film's quality, but I guess that was implied when I basically referred to the movie as "utter perfection." ;-)
DeathNyan Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
We are planning to make a book to thank Disney, so I think harsh critiques might stick out like a sore thumb. ^^;
Scintillant-H Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014   General Artist
Oh don't worry, I understand that, :giggle:
It's just not really my thing... except for things that I could find no flaw in. I was just telling someone how much I hated the old cartoon show "Kids Next Door", but it was flawless. I wanted to shred the crap out of it, but there were no flaws to shred!
For things like that, I can write a love letter... even though it might burn my pride a little, :giggle:

Good luck with this. :)
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