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May 31


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We at /r/frozen have thought of making a thank-you book to Disney for all they've done, especially for their recent movie Frozen. Frozen had touched us in our lives in various ways, and now is the time for you to shout it out to the world. Ever wanted to thank Disney for making your life exciting? Now, you can!

Your stories and notes will be included in a set of unique, custom-printed books being made by the Frozen fan community to send to Walt Disney Animation Studios, the five main voice actors, and the Lopez family on November 19, 2014, the one-year anniversary of the film’s release. This book is a giant love letter from the fans to the creative team that made Frozen possible.

Submission guidelines:

  • Either leave a comment below or send me a note.
  • The deadline is June 2nd, 2014, but I think it will be extended. June 30, 2014.
  • Recommended length is anywhere from a few sentences up to around 250 words. The maximum length is now removed.
  • It’s best, but not required, to include your name and location (state/country) at the end so the recipients get a sense of how many real lives they’ve touched.
  • In addition to your entry for the main book, you may write a note intended for a specific actor or the Lopezes by addressing them by name at the beginning. Again, leave a comment here or send me a note.
All submissions will be posted on /r/TheFrozenEffect. Due to limited space in the books, only the top 200 voted stories/notes will be included, but the rest will be kept online and there will be a link in the book pointing to the site. We haven’t reached the cap yet, so the sooner you submit, the more likely you are to be included!

If you have any questions or want to get involved, feel free to ask me, and please spread the word! Link back to this journal in your journal, or tell it to your friends. :)

My name is /u/sue_sakamoto on Reddit, just so you know.

EDIT: Submissions are now extended to June 30, 2014. Yay! :)
EDIT 2: Word limit is now gone.
EDIT 3: You can donate as well to help with the cause. La la la la 

EDIT 4: It's closed! Thank you all for your support!

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Dynasty-Dawn Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Student Writer
I wrote an article about how much I love Frozen, and it was published by my university's student magazine. Can I submit that article?
disneynumber1fan Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Is this directed to the entire Disney Studio, or just those involved in the making of Frozen? Just so I know whether to write about how Disney has changed my life or how Frozen has changed my life! Thank you :)
DeathNyan Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
This book is dedicated to Disney, but it's more on the people who made Frozen. So you can write about how Frozen has changed your life.
disneynumber1fan Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
OK, thank you for the reply! I'll note you with my response by the end of day, probably :D
DeathNyan Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
I'll be here waiting! :)
maybelletea Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
Wait, you just published this journal but made the deadline June 2nd?? D: Or is this not a book to dedicate art to? Because there was a book like that being talked about for RotG.
DeathNyan Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
Don't worry. The deadline is now June 30. This is a book to be sent to Disney and the major cast of Frozen to thank them for the awesome movie they've done. :)

I'm not sure about putting fanarts in the book. We're still at the confessions and thanksgiving section.
Scintillant-H Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014   General Artist
I presume we're not allowed to be "honest" about the things that were wrong with Frozen that we would like to see corrected in the sequel and all following Disney movies.
In that case, I'm afraid I'm out ^^; I don't believe in sending a "love letter" to anyone or anything that did not do a perfect job. I critique, give credit where it's due and tell them what they did amazing, then tell them in blunt painful honesty what they got wrong.

It's only "painful" because they're supposed to be professionals, so they have no excuse for their failures except incompetence. Other companies have the excuse of finances limiting them, but not Disney.
In critiquing fan projects, I'm far nicer :) They're fans doing something that they aren't exactly "professionals" in and they should be handled with nurturing care. I try to sugar coat what I can for them so they can know what "wasn't quite right" but not feel like a failure. No need to crush their spirit. ;)

Professionals long-running in the business, however, should face absolute truth when they present a product with needless flaws. You should see how I "critique" today's comic books from Marvel and DC :lmao:

If you ever plan to send a "completely honest" letter to Disney or the staff who made Frozen or anything, let me know. :D
XxRellikxX Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow. Guess you've never sent a love letter than, since the "perfect job" does not exist and never will. Ever. I don't care what you like, I don't care what you think; whatever YOUR idea of the "perfect" film/book/show/song/comic/wtf ever is, I can tell you right now that it's not. I don't care what it is. Apocalypse Now? Not the perfect film. Les Miserables? Not the perfect book. Tristesse? Not the perfect song. With something as subjective as art, there will never be perfection, something that everyone on the planet, and for generations to come, will look at or listen to and say, "This is unequivocally, absolutely perfect and nothing else will ever match it." There's always some random variable, some stray element, SOMETHING that holds something back from being perfect.

And this whole thing about how professionals need to be held accountable for making mistakes? That they need to be perfect in order to get anything more than "credit where credit is due"? Yeah, absolute horseshit. Professionals are merely people skilled ENOUGH at doing something that others are willing to give them money in order to do it. Money is the only thing that separates projects done by 'fans' and 'professionals'. 

Is Frozen the perfect movie? Fuck no it's not. I saw it 12 times in the theatre and I can admit that it's not perfect. Does that mean that it's not worthy of praise? That those who worked on it, poured their hearts into it, slaved for months on end, working on the most minute of details like what kinds of fucking BOOTS Anna would be wearing in the snow are NOT allowed to know whether or not the work they did affected people? If that is truly your opinion, then your perceptions are horribly skewed. Frozen was a major factor in salvaging my friendship with my best friend, but I guess since the movie isn't "perfect" the people who made it don't DESERVE to be made privy to that information, now are they?

This is what's wrong with this new, emerging generation of people who fancy themselves 'critics'. This generation of young adults who marinade themselves in AVGN, Nostalgia Critic, Sequelitis and so on. This new age of amateur critiquing has just straight up poisoned the artistry; to leave it in favor of nitpicking, feeling as though it gives them a sense of superiority to be "smarter" than their entertainment. This emerging crowd that is the reason a YT channel like Cinema Sins has 2 million+ subscribers. Instead of allowing the small things that need to be let go in order to tell a satisfying story, you all seem to prefer a piece of media bloat itself with needless world building or expository scenes or dialogue that can explain every single little inquiry or problem you may have. 

I've now reached the point where I myself understand that I am taking this reply way too far. You may not even have read all the way to this point before you decided that you've had enough and have taken to letting loose your seething retaliation. So I will elect to end this here. If what I've written now has made you stop for even a SECOND to ponder, then I feel this needlessly long rant will have been worth it. If not, then that is most unfortunate. To the author, I say go on with your project of actually wanting to share and spread good feelings, warmth, and appreciation. To actually want to say to artists, "What you did mattered and was worth the time and effort you put into making it". We could use more folks like you.

P.S. Someone who uses a Family Guy quote as their signature maybe shouldn't talk about holding professionals accountable.
konggodamera Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
We all have a movie that we CONSIDER perfect. Perfect is objective, I will admit, and things can be flawed, but it's our willingness to accept these flaws that allow us to perceive something as perfect. For instance, I consider the 1954 Godzilla a perfect movie, blending great acting, skilled story telling, and an interesting tale about the dangers of nuclear testing into a wonderful film that I have always enjoyed. is it flawed? Yes! A good 80% of the science is bullshit. But guess what? For me, the movie is "...unequivocally, absolutely perfect and nothing else will ever match it."
And, please, leave out personal attacks such as: "Someone who uses a Family Guy quote as their signature maybe shouldn't talk about holding professionals accountable" it just comes across as nasty and harsh. It's like if I finish a debate about a movie by saying: "by the way, someone who uses Super 8 film strips shouldn't comment on cinematography."
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